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What are Kleinsche Fields?

Seize new opportunities.

Medical devices and conventional magnetic products with permanent magnets..

Medical devices with Kleinsche Fields are used to alleviate or cure diseases and must be registered in Germany with the Federal Ministry of Health in the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI) and be clinically evaluated.

Magnetic products from the wellness sector do not meet these requirements. Many dubious statements are made here on the Internet that are not permitted. Magnetic products with permanent magnets in the wellness sector are not medical products and therefore do not have a medical CE mark.

Biorelax Europa Magnetfeldtherapie

Field structure of normal magnetic products:

1 north pole/1 south pole or several poles with the same field strength, the same pole spacing, the same pole shapes etc.

Magnetic field devices that generate electromagnetic fields from a battery or mains power penetrate the entire body and are not selective. Kleinsche Fields have a penetration depth of only a few cm and can be used selectively. If magnetic fields generated by electricity cause a higher metabolism in the whole body at the same time and the kidneys filter only approx. 20% per blood circulation: Where are the increased metabolic end products in the blood, approx. 80%? We consider it questionable to apply this daily as preventive health care. In the short term, the therapeutic benefit certainly predominates and, in our experience, should be combined with Kleinsche Fields as an aid.

Magnetic fields generated by electricity have a deep effect, end after a few minutes and the effect is not permanent (often after 90 minutes the effect wears off); Kleinsche Fields can be worn permanently on the body. (No decrease in the effect) We therefore recommend using both during treatments.
After switching off the power-operated magnetic field therapy device, Kleinsche Fields can be used permanently on the body to support the therapeutic effect.

Kleinsche Fields from the beginning with BIORELAX®

The biggest differences in products with Kleinsche Fields are:

polymorphic pole arrangements: So that the blood, lymph and nerve signals can cross the alternating pole fields in every direction. This creates very weak electrical energy signals in the body’s own blood.

The penetration depths for selective application, the different pole spacings, pole orientations, pole arrangements, pole faces, pole shapes and different field strengths, accurate to the millimetre.

The field strengths reach geomagnetic field strength at a distance of 1.4 cm and can therefore also be used with cardiac pacemakers and implants. (If the pole spacing is too large or the pole spacing is too small, the desired effect is no longer achieved) i.e., Kleinsche Fields have a very complex pole configuration that is unique worldwide. In order to prevent counterfeiting, the word “BIORELAX” can be made visible like a watermark with a sensor film.


The patient can use Kleinsche Fields at home all year round – including to maintain health.

Initial scientific studies by the University of Mainz with a 128 channel EEG show in the brain, for example, a responsiveness of the motor system with better concentration and reactiveness (less error rate with faster reaction due to Kleinsche Fields insoles)

Cross-section/structural view of our Biorelax Kleinsche Fields insoles.
X-field material mix: Three-layers system, in total only 3mm thin leading to high wearing comfort.

The results have been scientifically validated, tested and subjected to statistical review and will be published soon.

This gives Kleinsche Fields products a unique selling point for permanent magnet products, not only in medical applications, but everywhere where fewer errors (concentration) and faster reactions are important (e.g., at school, at work, driving vehicles). Being faster and making fewer mistakes should also play an important role in competitive sports.

All studies of the last decades worldwide confirm no harmful side effects with weak permanent magnetic fields!