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Your health is our vocation

German Health Technology.

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What we do.

German Health Technology develops and supplies new innovative medical products with a focus on physical applications. German Health Technology company was founded with many years of experience in research as well as specialist teams in the medical products development. German Health Technology develops and produces medical products that can be used by doctors, clinics, alternative practitioners and therapists, as well as at home by people and pets in everyday life. We are committed to sustainable health. While only the symptoms of various health complaints and conditions are often treated, our focus of research and development of new medical products is on supporting healing at the cellular level.

“It all starts with the idea of solving health problems of many people”.

Technical development and product design takes place at our headquarters in Bremen (Germany)

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As more and more social health problems arise, people need simple and high-quality solutions in the form of easy-to-use products. Health is not the most important thing as long as you are healthy. If you get unwell, the focus is on regaining health. Here, people need effective and successful solutions to provide more value to their quality of life. We cannot change society and the health burdens of our environment, but we can create solutions to cope with them better. Our product developments are designed to help people get healthy again. For a large number of complaints and conditions, there are no successful solutions, or often only short-term solutions exist, and it is these people who we want to support in improving their conditions and enabling them to live a normal and symptom-free life. Our goal is to improve the quality of life worldwide through our developments. We love health!

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The focus is on the mitochondria, which are often referred to as the “living cell batteries”. Only cells that produce enough “energy” can work optimally. The technology of Kleinsche Fields, which medical experts regard as a fundamental component of future medicine, is the basis of the product innovation. Even now, our developments are designed in such a way that they can be optimally combined with all existing treatment concepts, both as monotherapy and as add-ons. They are used to support successful treatments of many complaints and conditions. Our premium “Made in Germany” products are used worldwide.

If you are interested in cooperation or in our research and products, please contact us on oder Tel. +49 (0)421 224 104 – 0

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