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Your health is our calling

German Health Technology

A leader in the development of premium medical and health products

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What we do

German Health Technology develops and supplies new, innovative medical products with a focus on physical applications. The company, German Health Technology was born from the many years’ experience of research and expert teams in developing medical products. German Health Technology develops and produces medical products which, in addition to use by doctors, clinics, alternative practitioners and therapists, can also be used very easily at home by people and animals in everyday life. We are committed to sustainable health. While health complaints and illnesses often only treat the symptoms, our research and development of new medical products focuses on supporting healing at the cellular level.

“Everything begins with the idea of solving a health problem for many people”

The technical development and product design take place in the main location in Bremen (Germany)


As societal health problems continue to arise, people need simple, high-quality solutions in the form of simple products. Health is not the most important thing as long as you are healthy. In the case of illness, the focus is on regaining health. In this case, people need effective, successful solutions to give them added value in terms of quality of life. We cannot change society and the health pressures of our environment, but we can create solutions to cope better with it. Our product developments are designed to help people regain their health. For many complaints and illnesses, there are no successful solutions, or only short-term ones – for these people, we want to offer support in healing their complaints and being able to live normally and free of complaints. Our goal is to improve the quality of life worldwide through our developments. We love health!


The focus is on the mitochondria, which are also often referred to as the “power plants of the cells”. Only cells that produce enough “energy” can work optimally. The basis of the new product innovations is e.g. in the technology of Kleinsche Fields, which is viewed by medical experts as an elementary component of future medicine. Our developments are already designed in such a way that they can be optimally combined with all existing treatment concepts, both as monotherapy and as additional components. They serve as a support for the successful treatment of many ailments and diseases. Our premium products “Made in Germany” are used worldwide.

BIf you are interested in our developments and products, or in collaborating with us, please contact us at or Tel. +49 (0)421 224 104 – 0