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Good company performance is the result of good performance by every employee

Whether tradespeople, medium-sized companies or large corporations – for a good company result and the best customer service, all employees not only have to work in their roles on a daily basis, but also often have to perform at their best.

For some time now, many companies have been trying to provide their employees in the health sector with the best possible working foundation. Because employees who are absent due to illness not only cost money, but their absence leads to bottlenecks in processing or customer.

: In our research and development, we have dealt intensively with the topic of work-related sitting. Computers have changed the areas of responsibility and work processes in most industries significantly. Sitting in front of the computer for long periods is part of the day-to-day work of most entrepreneurs and employees. Anyone who sits at work for several hours a day knows how difficult it can be to concentrate after a certain amount of time. The lack of exercise and the resulting reduced blood flow and slowed metabolism make it difficult to be particularly productive in the second half of the day and, moreover, to work flawlessly.


Thanks to a new technology developed in-house, it is now possible to positively influence two decisive factors – concentration and blood circulation. By gently stimulating brain activity, the seat technology helps people to concentrate more easily and for longer. In addition, the stimulation helps improve blood circulation, which is known to be important for transporting oxygen in the body. Good blood circulation in the back can prevent tension when sitting and make everyday work easier.

This technology can be built into all office chairs and seating furniture or placed on top of existing ones.

Are you a small or large company and are you interested in improving your employees’ concentration and performance as well as promoting the health of your employees in general?

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