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Animals & veterinary medicine

Animals are best friends. You do not ask questions and do not criticize. – Mark Twain

From small hamsters to large horses – animals and especially pets have become an integral part of our lives. Animals are usually more family and friends than some people can be, which is why they have such an important place in our lives and make our lives so worth living. In order for you and your companion to lead a happy life, health is an elementary component. Nothing is worse than seeing your companion suffering with ailments or illnesses. But your darlings can usually do little to help themselves on their own.

We therefore use our research and development expertise to develop products especially for animals that help improve the health of small and large animals.

It was important to us that the products had to focus on being easy to use in everyday life without spending a lot of time.

We are therefore proud of the first animal series of the BIORELAX animal pads with Kleinsche Fields! From small animals such as guinea pigs or rabbits to dogs and cats of all sizes, the small and large BIORELAX animal pads are an easy way to equip your four-legged friend’s favourite spot in a way that they can spend a lot of time on the Kleinsche Fields.

New: Horse blankets and gaiters with Kleinsche Fields

…available soon Horse and rider – one unit, one team, one connection.

Unfortunately, many horses, like us humans, also struggle with ailments or illnesses. Especially when the horse is used in sports, top performance can only be achieved if they are generally healthy.

But the regeneration factor after training or a competition has also become immensely important. Horse owners and athletes have long been looking for new, functioning solutions to treat complaints effectively and to significantly improve regeneration and performance.

Especially for the known problem areas, we are proud to present you high-quality horse blankets and gaiters with Kleinsche Fields!

With the publication of the new horse series, we look forward to making an impression and fulfilling your numerous wishes and ideas on the subject of horse health and equestrian sport – especially in specialist circles.

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We are happy to announce that we will be developing further world-innovative product solutions for everything to do with equestrian sport in the next few years.

If you have any questions about horse health or performance enhancement in sports, contact our department using our contact button and discover the completely new possibilities!

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