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Natural healthcare for pets

New ways. New possibilities.

Kleinsche Fields Solution

Kleinsche Fields Solution

The Kleinsche Field animal products – for the love of animals.
When developing our products, we think outside the box – why limit Kleinsche Fields to human use when they can also have a health-promoting effect on animals? To benefit your pets in addition to veterinary treatment, because they sadly suffer from the same health conditions as humans, we have extended our BIORELAX pet products range with Kleinsche Fields. They are suitable for all pets, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs or horses, and are available as cushions for the basket or sleeping area and as a horse blanket.

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Kleinsche Fields success
in equestrian sports

The Kleinsche Fields from BIORELAX are optimally integrated into the horse blanket and require no power supply. The blanket can be used in combination with a cover, as Kleinsche Fields work through the cover. Try it out, your horse will thank you.

This is what you get with the Kleinsche Fields horse blanket:

Intelligent harness system use it for as long as desired, also usable all night, as essential for recovery

Circulation is gently and naturally supported. Kleinsche Fields do not need strong magnetic fields to achieve the beneficial effect.

No complicated settings or programmes = rest assured, the blanket is always on and working optimally.


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For all pets with Kleinsche Fields by BIORELAX

For the love of the animal.

From a tiny hamster to a giant horse, animals and especially pets have become an integral part of our lives. Animals become closer than some human family and friends, which is why they have such an important place in our lives, making our lives so worth living. Maintaining good health is essential, so that you and your companion live a long and happy life. Nothing is worse seeing your companion suffer from discomfort or illness. It’s just that the most precious animal in your life is helpless.

That’s why we use our research and development know-how to create products specifically for animals that can help improve health of animals of all sizes.
It was important to us that the products are extremely easy to use in everyday life without taking up a lot of your time.

This makes us so proud of the first pet range of BIORELAX animal covers with Kleinsche Fields! From small animals, such as guinea pigs or rabbits to dogs and cats of all sizes, our range of the BIORELAX pet cushions is an easy way to furnish your four-legged friends’ favourite place so they can spend lots of time on the Kleinsche Fields.