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Biorelax Millimetergenau

Kleinsche Fields at work and on the go.

Kleinsche Fields are important at any workplace.

All companies should be naturally keen on promoting health and fitness of its employees, taking active measures to make this happen. Especially at screen-based workstations and for those in direct customer contact, there is a great need for good concentration, as well as low error rates. Kleinsche Fields can be used here to support both aspects as well as boosting healthy blood circulation.

Biorelax Gesundheit Industrie

Biorelax Industrie

Kleinsche Fields as a solution for the industry

In addition to the office-based work, a consistently high level of concentration and low error rate are also essential for maintaining production chains in the industrial sector. If an error occurs in a production process and it fails to be promptly detected, this can significantly delay production or even lead to a breakdown. We are dedicated to support the developments in this area sustainably with Kleinsche Fields products.

Why Kleinsche Fields?

• Circulation-supporting effect

• free from side effects

• no power supply or batteries required

Supplying the full range, we promise perfect products for your daily life at work.

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  • Produktion
  • Qualitätskontrolle

We promise:

100% quality ✓

100% hand-finish ✓

100% Made in Germany✓


Biorelax LKW Transporter

Mobility made easier by BIORELAX

Nowadays, most people can no longer imagine life without a vehicle, and the number of vehicles on the roads continues to increase every year. It is therefore vital to keep a clear head, to concentrate and to have the fastest possible reaction time to be able to react as quickly as possible in the event of a dangerous situation, when you are in road traffic with a growing number of road users. Driving safety could be extraordinarily enhanced by using Kleinsche Fields, as gentle stimulation of brain activity improves not only concentration but also reaction time. In addition, good circulation in the body can be helpful in relaxing the muscles, leading to less discomfort during lengthy journeys.

Biorelax Industrie Transporter

Biorelax Arrow
biorelax autositz

These problems become particularly poignant for the lorry drivers. Increasingly long driving times without sufficient breaks reduce concentration and increase fatigue, affecting the safety of all road users and creating an enormous risk of cargo loss or damage. Good circulation and sufficient concentration are therefore vitally important especially in this sector.

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