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The future of mobility begins with seats

We all travel. Millions of people are on the roads in every country countries each day. Be it for shopping trips or their daily commute to work. We mostly use means of transport such as bicycles, cars, buses or trains, ships or even planes. Especially those who are on the road for a long time or often know how exhausting it can be.

Our research and development has long been concerned with mobility from a health point of view, as we need to promote and protect our health particularly where we spend a lot of time.

Innovation: New technology for healthier sitting!

Vehicle manufacturers are constantly striving to make driving even more comfortable and safer with new technologies and assistance systems. The driver and occupants are becoming increasingly important. As a supplier, we have achieved an innovative breakthrough in comfort and driving safety with a new technology developed in-house:

Driving safety:

By gently stimulating brain activity (free of side effects) a

– Increases the driver’s concentration, attention and alertness
– Shortening the driver’s reaction time


Blood circulation on the seat can be improved so that…
– muscles relax better
– there is less tension and back pain
– less fatigue is felt even on long journeys

This technology works completely without electricity and without the addition of heat sources.

The study and test results show sensational results and are already the benchmark for future seats.


With around 2.8 million trucks in Germany alone, over 70% of freight traffic falls on them as the most sought-after means of freight transport.

The big problem: Security.

Drivers of the barrel cars are not only pressed for time on the part of companies and haulage companies but driving for hours is a great strain on the mind and body. The accident statistics due to human error are serious.

Advantages for LWKs:
MWith increased brain activity, it is easier to concentrate while driving and to react correctly in dangerous situations. Improved blood flow and relaxed muscles can reduce symptoms of fatigue.

Motorcycles and scooters

Freedom. Every driver of a two-wheeled machine knows the danger that just one moment of carelessness can have dangerous consequences. In contrast to the car, the driver is much less protected and almost defenseless when exposed to possible forces from an accident.

By integrating our new seat technology into the seat, it supports the driver in preventing accidents. Increasing brain activity can improve the driver’s alertness and reaction time.


Business Class, First Class or Private Jets

Depending on the length of the flight, you have to sit for a few hours on flights. Not only is this tiring, but many underestimate the risk of thrombosis.

For people who want to sit better on flights, the new seating technology is an important aid.

The improved blood circulation not only relaxes the muscles but also helps to prevent thrombosis. People with better blood circulation in their bodies usually feel more relaxed and less exhausted after long periods of sitting.

Other vehicle and seating options:
Buses, trains, helicopters, boats and ships, wheelchairs and other means of transport.

Industrial and vehicle manufacturing partners can incorporate this technology into their future models.

For industry and vehicle manufacturers: If you are interested in a cooperation or interested in the possibilities, you can contact us personally below.

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