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Magnetic field mats with Kleinsche Fields

What is the difference between magnetic field mats with Kleinsche Fields (sleeping and chair pads) and other magnetic field mats?

In contrast to conventional magnetic mats, Kleinsche Fields mats and pads are used without a power supply and can therefore also be used permanently. The Kleinsche Fields products can be used ideally as a supplement to classic magnetic field therapy and all other treatments. In contrast to the Kleinsche Fields magnetic field mats, conventional magnetic field mats without electricity do not have a very weak, inhomogeneous, polymorphic and often incomplete magnetic field.

Magnetic field mats with power supply
  • Conventional magnetic field mats for magnetic field therapy are used with a power supply or with battery power.
  • Magnetic field mats operated with electricity generate electromagnetic fields for a few minutes. Devices switch off after a previously set amount of minutes.
  • Powered magnetic field mats generate electromagnetic fields that penetrate the entire body.
  • Signal forms not only penetrate the cells to be treated, but all body cells and can therefore not be used selectively
  • Waveforms are generated using electricity.
  • Classic magnetic field mats cannot be used flexibly depending on the power connection
  • Can be used for a limited time several times a day
Kleinsche Fields Magnet field mats without power supply
  • Kleinsche Fields magnetic field mats are used without a power supply and without a battery.
  • Kleinsche Fields products and magnetic field mats have permanent magnetic, diverse, inhomogeneous, full-surface magnetic elements and generate a very weak, permanent inhomogeneous magnetic field. ((“Classic” magnetic mats do not have these important properties)
  • The Kleinsche Fields mats’ permanent magnetic fields of the Kleinsche Fields mats only need to reach the blood in the skin, in order to induce energetic impulses.
  • The movement of electrically conductive fluids such as blood, lymph fluid and/or cerebrospinal fluids over the permanent magnetic, inhomogeneous, multifaceted, north and south pole fields causes energetic signals to be induced without the magnetic field penetrating the body and can therefore by used selectively.
  • Energetic signals are generated without a power supply.
  • Kleinsche Fields magnetic field mats are independently on the power connection andare very flexible in use
  • Can be used continuously for 24 hours with no time limit

Convince yourself of the revolutionary properties of the Kleinsche Fields magnetic field mat

Kleinsche Fields magnetic field mats from certified medical device manufacture

Kleinsche Fields magnetic field mats are medical devices. Medical devices are used to alleviate or cure diseases and must be registered in Germany and have a clinical evaluation.

Magnetic mats from the wellness area do not meet these requirements. Many dubious statements are made here on the Internet that are not permitted. Many magnetic products with permanent magnets in the wellness area are not medical products and therefore do not have a medical CE mark.

Conventional magnetic field mats (permanent magnetic fields) are not medical products

  • Conventional magnetic field mats have a north pole or south pole or several poles with the same field strength, the same pole spacings, the same pole shapes, etc. and cannot generate energetic signals such as those produced by Kleinsche Fields.
  • They are mostly not full-surface and certainly not polymorphic and therefore do not generate an inhomogeneous magnetic field.
  • Kleinsche Fields magnetic field mats and magnetic field products can also be used for people with cardiac pacemakers. This is not the case with conventional magnetic field mats.

Kleinsche Fields magnetic mats and magnetic products (permanent magnetic fields) are registered as medical products

Kleinsche Fields magnetic field mats…

  • have different pole spacings, pole orientations, pole arrangements, pole faces, pole shapes and different field strengths with millimetre precision.
  • are incorporated over the entire surface.
  • have polymorphic (varied) pole arrangements so that the blood, lymph and nerve signals can cross the north and south pole fields in every direction. This creates very weak electrical energy signals in the body’s own blood.
  • have a limited penetration depth for selective use (magnetic field devices that generate electromagnetic fields via a battery or mains current penetrate the whole body and are not selective).

Unique pole configurations at Kleinsche Fields

The pole configuration (pole arrangements, pole faces, pole shapes, different field strengths and pole orientations) of the Kleinsche Fields is very complex and unique in the world. The perfectly coordinated configuration of north and south poles is essential for effectiveness. If the pole spacings are too large, the necessary magnetic field build-up is not achieved. If the distance between the poles is too small, the magnetic field will not penetrate deep enough. In order to prevent counterfeiting, the word “BIORELAX” can be made visible on the products like a watermark with the help of a sensor film. Kleinsche Fields can be incorporated into many products, including about 5–6 mm thin sleeping, seat and animal pads/magnetic field mats, in order to have the largest possible effect on the entire body.

How is the BIORELAX magnetic field mat constructed with Kleinsche Fields?

The BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Mattress Topper is 90 cm wide, 190 cm long and only 0.5 cm thin and very flexible. The magnetic field mat has a high degree of flexibility and is very comfortable to lie on. 22 highly flexible, pollutant-free carrier materials (each 80 cm long and 1 mm thin) are individually sewn in by hand over the entire lying surface. A thin flow is incorporated for additional padding. The upper material consists of an incontinence substance that can also be cleaned with a surface disinfectant. Due to its high flexibility and its own weight of 4.7 kg, the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields mattress can be placed as a magnetic mat on water beds and any other mattress. At the corners, there are rubber bands to attach to the mattress, which is usually not necessary due to its own weight. For protection and to save yourself the work of cleaning, another incontinence cover or a normal fitted sheet can be placed over it.

To the BIORELAX Mattress Topper

How does a magnetic field mat work with Kleinsche Fields?

For as long as the body is lying on a Biorelax Kleinsche Fields magnetic mat (trade name: BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Mattress Topper or BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields chair pad), the blood, lymph and nerve signals move in every direction across the different pole spacings, pole orientations, pole arrangements, pole faces, pole shapes and different field strengths. This creates very weak endogenous energy signals.

Support blood circulation with Kleinsche Fields

Kleinsche Fields serve to support blood circulation. In the BIORELAX magnetic field mat, Kleinsche Fields are used for all treatments and healing processes that can be improved by supporting blood circulation. All studies of the last decades worldwide confirm no harmful side effects with weak permanent magnetic fields! Always new areas of application and results astonish us time and again. Initial scientific studies show, for example, an improvement in the performance and responsiveness of the motor system in the brain with better concentration and reactiveness (less error rate with faster reaction). The results were scientifically validated and tested by a larger sample and subjected to statistical testing. The result is already available and has been confirmed.