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Alternative to magnetic field therapy: The Kleinsche Fields

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Magnetic field therapy and Kleinsche Fields – What is the difference?.

Magnetic field therapy is a naturopathic remedy, used to treat various diseases and pain symptoms. The electromagnetic fields generated via electricity current penetrate all body cells, including the cells of internal organs. The cellular interactions and individual cell reactions are still being researched. Despite amazing successes, magnetic field therapy is not yet scientifically recognised.

What are Kleinsche Fields?

The Kleinsche Fields have been thoroughly researched for many years. The Kleinsche Fields are very weak, permanent, magnetic, full-surface, inhomogeneous, multiform (polymorphic) magnetic elements, incorporated over the entire surface of the product. The movement of electrically conductive fluids such as blood, lymphatic fluid and/or cerebro-spinal fluids across the permanent magnetic, inhomogeneous, multiform, north and south pole fields causes energetic signals to be induced.

To put it simply, in contrast to classical magnetic field therapy, Kleinsche Fields are effective without the use of external power source.

Find out about the differences between conventional magnetic field therapy and the revolutionary Kleinsche Fields.

How do Kleinsche Fields and magnetic field therapy work?

The Kleinsche Fields bridge the divide between two different magnetic field applications by combining the benefits of the magnetic therapy principles with and without the power supply, but without the disadvantages.
The devices with Kleinsche Fields can be worn permanently on the body without any loss of healing effects. That is why we recommend using Kleinsche Fields for conventional magnetic field therapy as well as for all other treatments. After finishing treatment with the powered magnetic field therapy device, the Kleinsche Fields products can be used continuously on the body to support the therapy. The Kleinsche Fields products can be used at home all year round not just therapeutically, but also to maintain good health.

Magnetic field therapy
  • Magnetic field therapy is carried out using an external power supply or a battery
  • Magnetic field devices generate electro-magnetic fields for a few minutes. The devices switch off after a pre-set period
  • the electromagnetic field penetrates the whole body
  • the magnetic waves penetrate not only the cells to be treated, but all body cells, and, therefore, cannot be applied selectively
  • the magnetic waves are generated via electrical current
  • it is dependent on the existing power connection, which makes them not very flexible
  • can be used several times a day for a limited period
Kleinsche Fields
  • Kleinsche Fields are used without an external power supply or batteries
  • Permanent, multiform, inhomogeneous, full-surface magnetic elements generate a very weak inhomogeneous magnetic field continuously
  • Permanent magnetic field has to reach only the blood in the skin to induce energetic impulses!
  • The movement of electrically conductive fluids, such as blood, lymphatic fluid, and/or cerebro-spinal fluids, across the permanent magnetic, inhomogeneous, multiform north and south pole fields induces energetic response without the magnetic field penetrating the body. The Kleinsche Fields can therefore be used selectively.
  • Energetic signals are generated without power supply
  • Not dependent on the power connection and therefore very flexible to use
  • 24 hours of continuous unlimited use

Effects of magnetic field therapy

The user lies down in a coil, on a mat or uses cuffs that can be placed on the body and through which the electrical current flows. The resulting emissions, also called pulsating magnetic fields (may be called differently by other manufacturers), completely penetrate all body cells, i.e. also the cells of internal organs. The cellular interactions and individual cell reactions are still being researched.

If current-generated magnetic fields cause a higher metabolism in the whole body at the same time and the kidneys filter only about 20% per blood circulation, the following question will arise: Where is the excess of metabolic end products in the blood, about 80% of which are not filtered by the kidneys? We find it questionable for daily use as a health precaution. In the short term, the therapeutic benefits would prevail, and, in our experience, are amplified if combined with Kleinsche Fields products.

Kleinsche Fields effects

Kleinsche Fields do not require a power supply via a socket or a battery, you can simply apply the Kleinsche Fields product to the appropriate part of the body.

  • Kleinsche Fields PAD`s are applied to the desired part of the body.
  • Kleinsche Fields Insoles can be easily worn in your outdoor shoes, slippers or trainers.
  • Kleinsche Fields Seat covers are ideal for a lot of sedentary work and can be used as a seat cushion.
  • Kleinsche Fields Mattress covers are used as a mattress topper for that all-important bedtime regeneration.

These products with permanent magnetic, multiform, inhomogeneous magnetic elements induce energetic impulses through the movement of the mobile structures in the body, such as blood and lymph.

Kleinsche Fields – Treatment benefits

Kleinsche Fields support the blood circulation not only for a short period of time as with power-operated devices but can be used as a gentle therapy for 24 hours a day without a power source. In this way, Kleinsche Fields can improve all treatments and healing processes that require support of blood circulation. As circulation is essential to healing and cell function, it is our firm belief, based on the evidence, that the Kleinsche Fields strongly promote health, regeneration and athletic performance.

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