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Natural performance for you

New possibilities in sport.

Up your limit!
An alternative to magnetic field therapy with BIORELAX Sport

Kleinsche Fields technology is a perfect fit for sport

Sport is all about you. About you and your performance. For your best performance, it is not only your fitness but also your mental strength that is vitally important. Performance and regeneration are our focus areas in sports science. With our product range, we can offer you an alternative to magnetic field therapy. Feel free to get in touch for more information about our Kleinsche Fields, a type of magnetic therapy without trailing cables or heavy batteries.


Biorelax Sport Kleinsche Fields
Biorelax Sport Pad am Knöchel, Fuss
Biorelax Sport Performance

For better performance and concentration

For any sport


Our BIORELAX pad is your ideal alternative to sports magnetic field therapy.

In order to exceed new targets and break through limits, it is important that you get the most out of your regeneration phases while increasing your strength, and that you support your circulation to help build endurance. The supplements you are taking need to get to where they are needed.

Biorelax Sport Paar

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Better performance and regeneration in sport

For your best performance, you need strength, endurance and concentration, not just the right technique.

Therapy, training and sport with BIORELAX. You can be an occasional fitness enthusiast or an ambitious athlete all the way to the top-performing Olympian. Supplement your training plan with our products and benefit from the medical advantages of Kleinsche Fields to enhance your performance.

Are you a member of a club’s coaching or medical team and want to get the top level of strength, endurance and concentration out of your club’s members or athletes? Then feel free to contact us via the contact form or by email at


Kleinsche Fields support your circulation for better strength and endurance.

Stronger and faster in sport


Fitness training, prevention and regeneration with Kleinsche Fields

More power, strength and endurance

We are proud to present a new technology that has so far been only known to a few top athletes and sports insiders as it was being tested. We have succeeded in developing a revolutionary and innovative building block for optimal regeneration. As part of the magnetic field therapy, we introduce our Kleinsche Fields. They have alternating polarity working:

  • against circulatory disorders;
  • to improve concentration and reaction;
  • to reduce error rate.

Biorelax Fitness Sport
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Biorelax Sport Kleinsche Fields

Strength and endurance with improved regeneration effect.

In the recent studies, we have demonstrated new results in faster reaction time and lower error rates (better concentration). The studies and tests show incredible results and will be published this year. Find out more and experience today the future standard that no competitive athlete should do without.

Biorelax Soccer Fussball