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Kleinsche fields
The alternative to magnetic field therapy in sport

More active in sports
For more power

Increase your limit!

The alternative to magnetic field therapy with BIORELAX® Sport.

Sport is about you. About you and your performance. For your best performance, your fitness but also your mental strength are the central elements. So in sports science, we deal with two areas: performance and regeneration. With our products, we can offer you an alternative to magnetic field therapy. Contact us for further information about our Kleinsche fields, the alternative method to magnetic field therapy without cables or batteries.


Our BIORELAX® Pad is your ideal alternative to sport magnetic field therapy.

With Kleinsche fields – More power! – with immediate effect! We are convinced of this. Try it out and send us your experiences – We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

We look forward to your questions. Please send your questions here via our contact form.



For your best performance, you need not only the right technique, but also strength, stamina and concentration.

Preparation and regeneration

In order to be able to achieve your best performance on a permanent and regular basis, after the sport is before the sport

For teams and clubs

If you are part of the coaching or medical team of a club and want to demonstrably increase the muscle performance, strength, stamina and concentration of your team, please contact us for personal advice:


In order to be able to achieve your best performance on a permanent and regular basis, after the sport is before the sport. As we all know, your body needs its rest periods to regenerate after a strenuous session or competition. Through our magnetic field therapy alternative in sports, we can support you with our Kleinsche fields. In competitive sports especially, the pressure to compete in more competitions in less time and to perform at the highest level on a regular basis is increasing. So better preparation and regeneration can make all the difference. That’s why hundreds of experts worldwide deal with regeneration in sport.

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Preparation and regeneration

We are now proud to be able to introduce a new technology that has so far only been known in the testing phase to a few top athletes and sports insider circles. We have succeeded in developing a revolutionary and innovative building block for optimised regeneration. Far away from magnetic field therapy, we present our Kleinsche fields. These have an alternating polar effect:

  • against circulatory disorders
  • better concentration and reaction
  • reduced defect rate


But we have also demonstrated new results in terms of faster response time and reduced defect rates (better concentration) in a study. The studies and tests show stunning results and will be published this year.
Find out more and experience the future benchmark that no competitive athlete should do without.

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Some feedback about BIORELAX – Kleinsche fields


Baran Er


During the training, as well as in everyday life, I wear the Kleinsche fields wrist straps, which convinced me as an alternative to magnetic field therapy. I broke my hand in 2020 and the BIORELAX® Pad made it easier for me to get back into training.
I have noticeably more power and feel fitter after training than without the Pad. For me? Never again without.


Lisa Unruh


After training or competition, I want to give my body time for rest and regeneration as soon as possible. The Biorelax products help me to give my body what he needs to be able to perform at full capacity again the next day in training or competition. I use the Biorelax mattress topper and I can feel how much better my sleep has become.


Holger Gugg


Kleinsche fields were not a concept I was aware of until I started wearing them during strength training in June 2021. Subjectively, it allows me to target muscle groups more specifically, objectively, I noticed an appreciable increase in strength, especially in muscle groups that are more difficult to target, which is of course an enormous benefit in bodybuilding. I am delighted to have found this means of optimisation for myself.