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Kleinsche Fields

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Your health is our calling

To be able to offer you even better service in the future, Kleinsche Fields, the German Health Technology GmbH team will support you with all questions and orders for the original BIORELAX products.

You will find the latest products with Kleinsche Fields and information on current and future developments of products with Kleinsche Fields on our website

BIORELAX products with Kleinsche Fields offer new, revolutionary and innovative solutions for humans and animals in the fields of medicine, sport, school, work and transport. Kleinsche Fields are the result of many years of research and experience and excellently combine technology, science and nature.

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Kleinsche Fields receive innovation award for medical products

The Swiss health television company QS24 honours Kleinsche Fields developer Bernhard Klein (photo) as a health visionary with this unique technology during the award ceremony in the “Innovative Medical Devices” category.

QS24 founder and TV presenter Alexander Glogg on the award ceremony: “We honour innovative, impressive and inspiring personalities for implementing their pioneering, outstanding visions on the subject of health.”
The presentation of the valuable award – a large 5-kilogram silver coin – was broadcast on television on various channels and can also be seen on YouTube.

Award winner Bernhard Klein with all the emotions in the interview after the broadcast: “I am very happy to receive this award on behalf of my special team. It was a long and difficult road over many years to bring the development of Kleinsche Fields to this point today. I would like to thank my family, who support me, especially my son, who continues the whole topic with deep conviction, a lot of heart and energy, as well as my staff and the many doctors and scientists who have helped to make Kleinsche Fields what they are today.”

Picture Bernhard QS24 Award

But that should not be the end – Bernhard Klein continues: “And now things are really getting started! We still have so much ahead of us that we will present to the world in the next few years. In addition to new studies, people can look forward to many new developments and products relating to their whole-body health as well as improved performance and improved regeneration in sport and in everyday life.”

Kleinsche Fields success in boxing

Senad Gashi is a German professional boxer and multiple world heavyweight champion (WBF, GBU & GBF). He is supported professionally by an international team of top trainers, nutritionists and a medical department.
He says, “I’m grateful for that. I am physically in top shape, I also owe that to Kleinsche Fields, which help my body regenerate more quickly.” ( ; Foto @senadgashi_official)

We wish him every success in his next fight!

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