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BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields insoles/shoe insoles


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A world first and vital innovation for your feet! Our BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields insoles/shoe insoles are produced by a certified medical device manufacturer in Germany.

  • only 3mm thin – high wearing comfort
  • can be used in any shoe
  • many sizes in stock – size 36-46
  • can be used every day
  • Kleinsche Fields are fully incorporated into the entire sole and not just at a few points
  • washable and antibacterial
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What are BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields insoles/shoe insoles?

BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields insoles are only 3mm thin and can therefore be easily inserted into any shoe. In addition, they penetrate all materials except for iron or steel.

We have the insoles in stock in sizes 36 to 46. But it is also possible to cut the insole to the desired size if they are bit too big.

The pads can also be worn at night while sleeping. Simply place them under your feet and fasten them by pulling on a sock. For a more comfortable fit, we recommend using a second sock between the skin and the insole.

How do the Kleinsche Fields in the insole work?

Kleinsche Fields in BIORELAX insoles have been scientifically investigated and researched for years.

Kleinsche Fields are permanent polymorphic (multifaceted) magnetic fields. The poles change lengthwise after a few millimetres in all directions from north to south. As a result, when the insoles are used, the blood moves as a conductive fluid over the north and south poles, generating measurable energy in the blood. Some sensitive patients feel a sensation of warmth or tingling.

Caring for Kleinsche Fields shoe insoles

Shoe insoles can easily be cleaned with clear water using the washing machine’s delicate program at up to 40 degrees. Allow to air dry (not suitable for the dryer).

Do you have any questions? We have the answers!

If you have any questions beyond the ones answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us on +49 421-224 104-0 or by E-Mail.

In this case, please always choose one size larger. If the soles are too big, you can cut them to size with scissors. By trimming the toe end, you will not damage the insoles.

Yes, BIORELAX shoe insoles can easily be cut to the required size at the toe end.

Yes, the Kleinsche Fields insoles also work when other insoles are used at the same time. They can be worn both under and over the orthopaedic insert.

Kleinsche Fields insoles can be easily cleaned with clear water using the washing machine’s delicate program at up to 40 degrees. However, they are not suitable for the dryer and should be air dried.

The shoe insoles serve to support blood circulation. They are used for all treatments and healing processes that can be improved by supporting blood circulation.

The Kleinsche Fields are suitable for everyday use as well as for exercise or the medical sector.

Yes, you can wear them in sports shoes, street shoes as well as slippers or, as mentioned above, in socks at night for maximum effect. In the best-case scenario, you should wear BIORELAX shoe insoles as long and as often as possible in order to fully exploit the positive properties.

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