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BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Mattress Topper


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BIORELAX Mattress Topper with Kleinsche Fields – medical product handmade in Germany

  • suitable for mattresses 90 cm x 190 cm and 100 cm x 200 cm (140 cm x 200 cm is also possible)
  • can be used anywhere, even on water beds
  • suitable for daily use
  • without power supply (no socket or battery required)
  • antiallergic & breathable
  • usable with metal implants in the body/pacemaker
  • weight:n 4,7 kg

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Restful sleep with the Kleinsche Fields pad

The BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields mattress topper is registered as a medical product at the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI for short, the authority of the Federal Ministry of Health).

Kleinsche Fields have been scientifically investigated and researched for years.

Kleinsche Fields are permanent polymorphic (multifaceted) magnetic fields with the peculiarity that the poles change lengthwise after a few millimetres in all directions from north to south over and over.

Blood, as a conductive liquid, moves over the north and south poles when used, generating measurable energy in the blood within the body. Particularly sensitive patients can sometimes experience a sensation of warmth or tingling.

The BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields mat

  • can be placed and used on any surface,
  • can be used in any adjustable bed,
  • usable with metal implants in the body,
  • also suitable for water beds,
  • can be used in any sleeping position,
  • and can be used with or without clothing

The Kleinsche Fields are incorporated into the entire surface. The BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Mattress Topper can also be used with electrically operated magnetic pads underneath. 

In contrast to electric-powered pads that keep switching off, Kleinsche Fields have an ongoing effect over the entire period of use. Kleinsche Fields are not used up. The BIORELAX Mattress Topper does not require a power supply, meaning that there is no disturbing electro smog.

Use of the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields pad

The mattress with Kleinsche Fields adapts to your sleeping habits. Use the mat according to your needs and preferences:

  • with and without a pillow
  • with and without sheets
  • also with incontinence cover  
  • with and without a duvet

The BIORELAX pad cannot be damaged even if you sleep restlessly. The pad weighs 4.7 kg, thus ensuring sufficient slip resistance and also has rubber bands at all 4 corners to affix it to the mattress if necessary.

Enjoy a restful sleep with your BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Mattress Topper!

Quality that convinces – BIORELAX Mattress Topper

The Kleinsche Fields mat/pad is handcrafted in Germany by the certified medical device manufacturer. The mat is suitable for everyday zu use and can be used anywhere. An incontinence cover can also be used with the Kleinsche Fields mat without any problems.


The BIORELAX pad is moisture-repellent, anti-allergic and and free from harmful side effects. It is also suitable for water beds and can be used with metal implants in the body without restrictions.

Always sleep well with the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields pad

Our Kleinsche Fields pad is also intended for permanent, daily long-term use. We recommend using it in the top part of the bed, whereby care should be taken to keep the distance between the skin and the support as small as possible (max. 30 mm).

Use with pacemakers, defibrillators and insulin pumps

: People with an implanted cardiac pacemaker as well as patients with defibrillators and insulin pump wearers can safely use the BIORELAX Mattress Topper when lying on their back or on their side. We can say with conviction that damage or malfunctions on devices and objects have not occurred in the last few decades due to the use of the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Mattress Topper.

Caring for the Kleinsche Fields mat

The BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Mattress Topper can easily be cleaned with clean water and soap. If the patient changes, it should be cleaned with an approved surface disinfectant while observing the exposure time.

Transport and storage of the pad

  • The BIORELAX pad can be rolled up for transport.
  • The storage temperature should be between -20°C and +60°C.
  • Transport by land or sea: No special precautions need to be taken.
  • Transport by air freight: The pad can be taken on flights without any problems.

Do you have any questions? We have the answers!

If you have any questions beyond the ones answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us on +49 421-224 104-0 or by email.

Yes, the BIORELAX pad is suitable for all types of sleep (stomach, back and side sleepers) and can be used in any position.

Yes, a pillow can also be used. This has no effect on the application and mode of action. 

For restful sleep, we recommend that you place the pad directly on the mattress and then pull a fitted sheet over the pad. You can also use a mattress protector on top of the pad.

The pad is suitable for both narrower and wider mattresses. The Mattress Topper fits best on mattresses 90 cm x 190 cm and 100 cm x 200 cm because the pad then completely covers the top of the mattress.

The mat can also be used with a 140 cm x 200 cm mattress. Only the retaining rubbers cannot be used in this case. However, weighing 4.7 kg, the pad is heavy enough not to slip.

Yes, you can also use the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Mattress Topper permanently and indefinitely with artificial joints or metals in and on the body.

Yes, you can. We recommend placing it under the the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Mattress Topper. However, we would like to advise you to unplug it at night to avoid possible electro smog.

The BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields pad/mat supports blood circulation. The Mattress Topper is used for all treatments and healing processes that can be improved by supporting blood circulation.


The BIORELAX pad is suitable for everyday use as well as for exercise or the medical sector. 

Additional information

Weight 4,7 kg
Dimensions 190 × 90 × 0,5 cm
PZN Nummer

115 30 592