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BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Power pads

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  • 1x BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Power pad
  • to support blood circulation and the associated performance for more energy at school, work, in everyday life and very important for exercise
  • concentration and responsiveness
  • power pad for more power in exercise and in everyday life
  • versatile and flexible Kleinsche Fields special pad
  • free from harmful side effects and electro smog
  • dimensions: 22 cm x 5 cm or 40 cm x 5 cm (about 2.6 mm thin)
  • suitable for children, adults and animals
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BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields power pads for a better quality of life

Increase your energy in everyday life with the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields power pad. Thanks to the flexible special pad, BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields power pad can be used anywhere on the body and can be placed directly on the skin and over clothing.

The pads’ magnetic field is permanent, does not dissipate and works through all textiles.

Kleinsche Fields scientifically examined and researched

Kleinsche Fields have been scientifically investigated and researched for years. BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Power pads are equipped with permanent magnetic, full-surface, very weak, inhomogeneous, multifaceted (polymorphic) magnetic elements that are incorporated over the entire surface. The movement of electrically conductive fluids such as blood, lymph fluid and/or cerebrospinal fluids over the permanent magnetic, inhomogeneous, multifaceted, north and south pole fields causes energetic signals to be induced.

Manufactured by a certified medical device manufacturer

The BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields power pad is handmade. The Kleinsche Fields are incorporated into the entire surface of the BIORELAX power pad, so that electricity or batteries are not required. Therefore there is no disturbing electro smog. In addition, there are no other harmful side effects.

Applying BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields power pad

  • BIORELAX power pad can be used continuously around the clock.
  • They are effective both in day-to-day life and during exercise and can be worn on the wrist or ankle with a suitable bandage/armband.
  • It is possible to use the Power pad son many other parts of the body: e.g. on the arms, neck, chest, legs and feet or back.

If you use the BIORELAX power pad on your feet while sleeping, we recommend that you slide the Power pad sinto the stockings under your feet.

Note: Do not walk on the pad– there is a risk of breakage.

The power pads serve as a supplement to the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields pad. We recommend using several pads, depending on the size and area to be treated, in order to achieve the best possible result.

Use the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields power pad in addition to other Kleinsche Fields applications for increased energy and improved health. 

Pacemakers, defibrillators and insulin pumps

The Kleinsche Fields Power pads can be used safely by people with an implanted pacemaker (at least 1.5 cm from the pacemaker) and by patients with metal implants in the body. Damage or malfunctions to devices and objects have not occurred in the last few decades.

How to care for BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Power pads

The BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields power pad can be easily cleaned with clean water or using the delicate program at up to 40 degrees. But don’t use a dryer, let them air dry.

What you should consider when using the BIORELAX Kleinsche Fields Power pads

Please make sure that you do not walk on the Kleinsche Fields power pad if you are using the Power pads under your feet – there is a risk of breakage. In addition, the pad must not be kinked, but only bent, as there is also a risk of breakage.

Do you have any questions? We have the answers!

If you have any questions beyond the ones answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us on 0421-224 104-0 or by E-Mail.

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