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Increase your limit!

Exercise is about you. About you and your performance. For your best performance, your fitness but also your mental strength plays a central role. We therefore deal with two areas in sports science: performance and regeneration


In addition to the right technique, you need strength, endurance and concentration for your best performance. Are you a hobby or competitive athlete wanting to get more out of yourself?

Question: What would it mean for you and your sport if, with a simple tool, it were possible…
to increase your strength immediately?
to increase your endurance?
to increase your concentration?

… and all without any substances or doping!

Find out more now or contact us and find out more about the technological breakthrough that is so far only known to a few sports insiders.

For teams and clubs

If you belong to a club’s team of coaches or doctors and want to demonstrably increase your team’s muscle performance, strength, endurance and concentration, please get in touch with us personally:

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Preparation and regeneration

In order to be able to find your best performance permanently and regularly, after exercise is before the next round. It is well known that your body needs rest breaks to regenerate itself after a strenuous session or competition. In competitive sports in particular, the pressure is growing to take part in more competitions in less time and to achieve top performance on a regular basis. Better preparation and regeneration can make all the difference. That is why hundreds of experts around the world are concerned with regeneration in sport.

We are proud to be able to present a new technology that only a few top athletes and sports insiders are aware of during the test phase. We have succeeded in developing a revolutionary and innovative component for optimal regeneration. However, we have also demonstrated new results in the area of faster reaction times and fewer error rates (better concentration) in a study. The studies and tests show breath-taking results and will be published this year.

Find out more and experience the future standard that no competitive athlete should do without, today.


with Kleinsche Fields – more power! – with immediate effect!

We are convinced of it. Try it out and tell us about your experience – we look forward to hearing from you!

We look forward to your questions too. Please send your questions here using our contact form.

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